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What are they Teaching My Kids? A Parent’s Guide to Common Core!

There is plenty of buzz out there about common core and what it means for children in public schools. Some parents are very impressed with it and love the idea. Others aren’t sure about it because they have heard complaints and that it confuses kids.

Some educators really embrace it and others don’t like the idea of change. They also worry that it means they have to change their teaching methods. Yet there are plenty of benefits involved with the common core curriculum. As you learn about it, you will be more comfortable with what your child will be learning about.

In the past, a big problem with schools is that they all did things differently. A child going to school in one region would learn different things than others. Yet they all took the same standardized tests. A student that moved due to family circumstances may find they are in a school where they are very far behind or where they are too far ahead.

With educational standards in place, educators can make sure that students are exposed to the skills and the information they need to build on from one grade to the next. Parents can feel good knowing that their child is going to get a good education no matter where they have and which public school they attend.

Inside this eBook, you are about to learn the following information:

  • What is Common Core?
  • Why is Common Core so Popular Now?
  • Be Prepared for Changes in the Classroom
  • Math Standards
  • English Standards
  • Evaluating the Success of a Child with Common Core
  • Working with your Child’s School
  • And so much more…

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